Skyline Sightseeing

Health & Safety Measures

The health and safety of our customers and staff is the most important mission at Skyline Sightseeing - especially during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have implemented a number of enhanced health & safety measures to keep you safe during your visit. We are continuously following the government advice and requirements to reduce the risk associated with the spread of Covid-19. We kindly ask you for your responsibility as well to follow all health & safety guidelines from the local authorities, The City of San Francisco, and please follow any instructions from our staff to assure that we can all travel together safe and happy!

See what we're doing to keep you safe:

✅ Masks are required! Travelers are only allowed to enter our store and buses if they are wearing a face mask.

✅ Social distancing seating is set up on the bus. Please still try to keep as much space as possible between you and other travelers as well

✅ Our buses are open top, so there is enough fresh air for everyone

✅ In our stores please respect social distancing as well

✅ Buses are fully sanitized every night and are wiped down between departures

✅ All drivers and staff are wearing masks at all times

✅ Hand sanitizer are provided on the buses

✅ We provide a contactless check-in process and all machines are frequently wiped with sanitizers

✅ Boarding is coordinated from the rear forward to allow for enough distance between passengers on the bus

✅ We communicate with our team to ensure that if employees are sick or have symptoms associated with Covid-19, they will not attend work

✅ We provide our team with ongoing training and guidance on personal hygiene and preventative measures in our stores and buses